Genuine Antique 19th Century Silver Slave's Bangle


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This is one of two silver slave’s bangles very likely from West Africa. There are slight variations to the design on each one and they are being sold separately.

They are very heavy and this one weighs 306.7 grams.

It opens by removing the pin at the top of the bangle which fits very snugly.

Wearable by either men or women if pushed up the arm unless you have quite a wide wrist in which case it would sit well on the wrist. The dimensions are approx 18.6cm internal dia x  35.2cm external dia x 4.8cm wide at front x 3cm at back x 2.5cm thick. Please note that these are close but not precise measurements.

There is very little history available about these bangles/bracelets but from what I have researched, they were given to slaves by their owners as a form of identification/ownership. It makes sense that the wealthier the owner or more prized the slave, the better quality material would be used. In this case, silver would indicate status.

A rare and wonderful item for collectors of silver or tribal objects or just wanting to wear something altogether different!

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