SOLD Antique Meijii Period Japanese Cloisonne Vase with Ginbari


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This late 19th century Meijii period Japanese Cloisonne vase has a fantastic amount of detail to it.

Decorated with a different elaborate bird on each of the four panels that form a square, it tapers to a round base. In between these panels, there are Ginbari (foil) enamel designs in an Art Nouveau style. The neck of the vase has flowers and below is more intricate work with a further two Ginbari panels in green.

The inside of the vase is finished in a turquoise enamel which is repeated on the base.

It’s a good size and measures 24cm in height (approx 9 1/2”). The widest point on the body measures 10cm (approx 4”).

In a very good condition with no chips, cracks or dents.

There are extensive images of this wonderful vase so do have a look.

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