Vintage Black Opal and Diamante Clip on Earrings


In stock


This is a lovely pair of black opal triplet and diamante clip-on earrings dating from around the 1970’s/80’s. The opals are a fantastic colour of light and dark blues and greens and flashes of pink.  They are what are known as ‘fiery opals

Triplets are a very thin layer of opal that is usually covered with a clear resin (it’s like glass) and are often the best colour. By using this thin layer technique, the producers of opal jewellery get many pieces out of a single stone and keep the cost of owning a stunning opal minimal.

They are set in a gilded base metal with diamante paste stones and are in good condition.

The clips are secure without pinching the ear lobes too severely, so if you can’t resist them and have pierced ears, they can still be worn painlessly.

A perfect gift for a lady without pierced ears and even those with pierced ears!

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