SOLD Nepalese Khukuri 1963 with Provenance


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This silver and velvet sheathed khukuri originated in Nepal and is engraved with the presentation date of 1963.

Khukuris originated from the Indian subcontinent and were generally used by the Gurkhas as a weapon or tool.

Unfortunately, the 2 small knives that would fit into the little pocket at the back of the khukuri, are missing.  These were known as Karda (sharp knife) and Chakmak (for sharpening knives).

The large shield carries the inscription ‘PRESENTED BY WP CIVILIAN STAFF AREA PAY OFFICE  SHARAN, E. NEPAL 1963’ . I would love to clean all of the silver as it would bring the piece back to life but have left that decision to the buyer of this rare object. The velvet is a rich burgundy colour.

The khukuri handle is made of horn and the blade has a little bit of rust to it which can easily be removed with a rust scouring pad.

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